Bin Wine Bar

Project Description

Wine is just a conversation waiting to happen. Along those thoughts, owner Rebecca Illingworth wanted to create a “wine dive” to compliment the burgeoning loft and condo market and mix of eating and drinking establishments found in the suddenly hip area of Lowertown in downtown Saint Paul. Armed with a knowledge of wine and flavor pairings, Rebecca launched Bin (perhaps the best name for a wine bar…. ever) to add to the eclectic mix of old-school bars, new-school restaurants, and flotilla of food trucks that populated Lowertown. With a friendly, casual vibe, Bin gives residents and visitors alike a place to tune out the urban cacophony, share a glass with friends, or lose oneself in the inky darkness of a French Burgundy. Cheers!

Project Details

Client: Bin Wine Bar
Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Scope: Identity Development, Environmental Design, Print and Digital Communications