Philadelphia Phillies

Project Description

The long suffering fans of the Philadelphia Phillies, who had only witnessed one World Series victory in their 125 years of existence, were rewarded with a new state-of-the-art ballpark. In collaboration with the Rothweiler Group, Rahn + Company delved into the unique aspects of the fans, the team, the city and the 125 year history to create a relevant and reflective experience across the clubs, bars, and retail venues of the new ballpark. By incorporating Phillie Firsts, trend setting aspects of the club and city including being credited with inventing the stolen base, the practice of fans keeping balls hit out of the park (a 12 year old Philadelphia boy was jailed for theft after keeping such a ball before a local judge declared the balls were fair game), and the having the first triple, Triple Crown winner in pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander, the environment was a tribute to both the impact Philadelphia had on the National Pastime and the success the Phillies enjoyed on the field. Oh, and the Phillies won the World Series the year after the ballpark opened. Karma, right?

Project Details

Client: Philadelphia Phillies
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Scope: Research, Identity Development, Signage and Environmental Design